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Warm Sunshine in the House Seaweed Boiled Salt Set

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  • South Korea South Korea

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Warm Sunshine in the House Seaweed Boiled Salt Set


1400 years of ancestral wisdom is made to boil sea water containing increased salinity in the traditional Salt
Magnesium, potassium, calcium, an essential mineral waters of the gift that is in balance
The impurities such as heavy metals and japmat removed from the brewing process, clean and delicious salt


  • Country of Origin : South Korea
  • Product Category : refined processed table salt
  • Ingredient/Additive : Bay salt / Kelp extract, Hizikia fusiformis extract, Onion extract, Garlic extract, Salicomia Herbacea extract
  • Size : 240*130*55(mm)
  • Expiration Date : 5 years
  • Preservation Method : room temperature
  • # of Product per Box : 4 / box
  • Certification : FDA