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Natural Life Wilfodi Root

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Natural liveliness wilfordi root


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Fermented Wilfordi Root Extract 50%, Vegetable Mixed Extract 48%(Salicornia herbacea 4.6%, Mugwort 3.6%, Lotus leaf 3.6%, Hizikia fusiformis 3%, Potato 3.6%, Kelp 1.6%, Purified water 80%), Complex Enzyme 2%(35%, Basillus subtilis powder 30%, Phellinus linteus powder 15%, Monascus sp powder 15%, Yeast powder 3%, VitaminC 2%) 




Extracted at low temperature at 80 degrees for 48 hours.
Beverage fermented without sugar for 40 days.
No artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives or sugar.
Begin by diluting with a 5:1(water:product) ratio.
Gradually increase the ratio of the undiluted solution.
Recommended daily dose 30ml(Based on undiluted amount)




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Natural Life Wilfodi Root